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A Peculiar Path is designed to inspire personal and financial growth through means of simple and easy-to-implement advice. 


Hi, My name is Bri!

Creator of A Peculiar Path.  As stated above, this blog is here to inspire personal growth and financial growth – to get your mind thinking outside the box.  I aim for this blog to be realistic and straightforward to help you better your life.  

Sometimes you have to be a little peculiar to make life better for yourself.  For example, societal norms are not always what they’re cracked up to be, and we should NOT always be following them…

Have a kid now, no better time than now! You’re never gonna have money for a kid anyway!.. You’d be a lot happier if you bought a house…  Paying off your student loans is not even possible… You can never get anything done when you work as much as I do… Really, I could go on and on if you want me to.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for the things that you truly want in life.  I just want to get your mind thinking about why you are doing the things you’re doing: is it because everyone is pressuring you to?  Or is it because you truly want it?


Forget normal.  

Normal is how you end up at 60 years old still having to work the job you’ve not really enjoyed for the past 35 years because you don’t have enough money in your retirement fund to quit working.  

There’s so much more out there for you and me!  

Be strange, and don’t be afraid of it.  You don’t have to listen to what most everyone has to say, and you certainly don’t have to  take their advice because “everyone’s doing it.”  Don’t be afraid to live bigger and better than you thought possible, because you can. 🙂


Personal Growth

Personal Growth can result in some amazing things.  You may think it sounds cheesy, but seriously, what are you doing if you’re not growing and becoming a better person?  This can make us happier, healthier, and can lead you down a path to positively influence others. 

I want to explore ways to grow more, and I would love if I could help others do the same!


A little about myself:

I live in Minnesota, I am married to my amazing husband, Joe, and I have a bearded dragon named Zebbie.  I currently work as a registered nurse and I blog on my days off.  Sometimes I have fun too!  Creativity and shopping at thrift stores are my favorite.  Joe and I are on a money saving journey to fulfill our #lyfegoalz, which I plan to share a lot about within this blog.  We paid all of our student loans off in one year and we are currently living the debt free life!  I also enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and traveling.  I have recently have become a noob at yoga and I am trying my best to be as healthy as I can, with balance of course. 😉


Here’s me and Joe. Don’t act like you don’t think we cute.


And here’s Zebbie! He’s real cute too.