6 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Terrible

It’s very cool to not like Valentine’s Day these days.

“It’s just a lame HALLMARK HOLIDAY!”

“It’s for suckers!!”

The hard realization that you have to come to is that it doesn’t matter what you think.

I’m writing this because I enjoy Valentine’s Day and there’s a lot of other things you can do besides spending a ton of money at a crowded restaurant where you can’t even hear your significant other. Maybe this is why you dislike it so much…?

I worked at a pizza place for 6 years and even THAT was absolutely packed on Valentine’s Day. Every single year. Like, a crappy, small – yes the food was delicious but jeez come on – pizza place.

Just don’t go out to eat on Valentine’s Day. It’s absurd.

Do one of these other things and you’ll thank me later. 🙂

I present to you: 6 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas That Aren’t Terrible

Make dinner at home together

Yes, make dinner, together! Search Pinterest or dust off a cookbook you’ve had laying around and find a meal that you both think sounds amazing. Go shopping together, gather the ingredients, and start cooking – together. Have some “fancy wine” – and by fancy, I mean splurge on some $12 instead of your usual $8. Crack that open while cooking, and you’re bound to have a great night even if your recipe doesn’t turn out 😉

Find out what your Love Languages are

Before you write this one off as cheese-o-la!!! Keep reading.

The Love Languages by Gary Chapman helps you find out how you can maximize the effectiveness of the love you give your partner by looking at the ways they receive love the best.

Wouldn’t you want to know that your partner feels love by “acts of service”? For instance, if your lady’s “love language” is acts of service – you won’t have to worry about buying her so many presents because that’s not what she cares about – she’d much rather just have you take out the trash.

Doing this together can really help you understand each other’s need and wants. What’s more Valentinesy than that?

Check out the Love Languages quiz here, get the whole book here

Plan a date outside

February can be pretty dang cold around where I live, but no matter where you are around the world – you can plan a fun date outside! Go ice skating, go for a walk, bring some hot chocolate or your favorite treats. Planning a date outside generally requires very little money and it can be super fun.

Feel free to get creative with this one.

Have a movie night at home

Make your living room into a state-of-the-art movie theatre with blankets, pillows, and everything else comfy. Pop some popcorn, have your favorite treats, some wine, chocolate, and you can have an even better than going-to-the-movies experience.

Pro tip: pick your movies before the actual night of so you don’t waste all your time scrolling through the Netflix headlines bickering about which one you want to watch.

Write out your future goals aka “Dream Date”

This one is a goodie because you can work together on what you want to achieve in life. Make a list of your goals – both personally and as a couple.

Be sure your goals are specific – give time, dates, and what you really want them to look like, make a very clear picture of what you have in mind.

Want a house in the Colorado mountains? Gather all the details: the layout of your house, what it will look like, how you’ll decorate it – search the internet for inspiration pictures. Decide on a timeline of when you want to achieve this by. Tackle a plan of how you will achieve this goal together!

By sharing goals, it can certainly make you closer by learning what you both want to achieve, both personally and as a couple.

If you’ve already done this, go over your goals again to ignite the fire and refresh that inspiration! Then see if you’re on track to reaching your goals.

Make each other a signature cocktail

You don’t necessarily have to be good at bartending – that’s what makes this one fun. Pick your favorite cocktail or one that you’ve been wanting to try. Here’s a pretty sweet site where you can find a ton of great cocktail recipes, pretty pictures and all.

Whether you like Pina Coladas or dancing in the …what I mean to say is, no matter what cocktail you want to try, it’ll be a lot of fun to taste test each other’s concoctions!

Maybe this will help you discover your new go-to drink… or maybe, you’ll dump it out down the sink. 😉

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s, just know that you can express your love without breaking the bank.

I hope that you lovebirds have a great time together.

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